Network Security

Network Security encompasses many things. It is one of the most complex tasks a business needs to do. Ensuring that the routers are properly secured, firewalls configured to stop threats but not impede business, wireless access points set up so that only registered devices can connect, and keeping the workstations and devices as well as the server itself free of viruses and malware is critical to keeping the business running, and you want somebody doing it that is an expert at securing networks. If you haven’t already, take our Network Survey and then give us a call. Our team can help make your network safe.


Routers are the backbone of the Internet. They allow you to send data to other networks and receive this data as well. A properly secured router will help ensure that the only data coming or going from your network is data you want to send or receive.


A firewall acts a lot like a bouncer at a club. It makes sure that the traffic entering and exiting the network are what is supposed to be doing so, and blocks things that are potentially harmful. Firewalls with Intrusion Prevention can even take action to actively block attackers.


Wireless networks allow for much greater flexibility in devices. They allow you to connect everything from a laptop to a tablet or smartphone. Unfortunately, this opens up a whole new security risk. Customers or employees connecting their personal devices to the network can potentially bring in viruses and other threats. Properly securing your wireless network can ensure that only devices you have approved can connect, and even hide the network completely.


Unified Threat Management devices combine many security devices in one convenient box. They include all the benefits of a Firewall, including Intrusion Prevention or Detection, with a router and potentially even a Wireless Access Point. Unified Threat Management devices provide excellent security in a package that is more cost-effective for smaller businesses.


In a medical practice, utmost care must be taken to safeguard patient information. HIPAA is a series of requirements set out by the government to accomplish this. Our team is HIPAA certified and has experience with the unique requirements of a medical practice.

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